Throughout the game each class will be able to learn new Skills that will aid them in battle. Skills are divided into five distinct categories: Passives, Attacks, Magic, Buffs, Debuffs.

Skill Slots Edit

Different classes have different numbers of skill slots to which they can equip skills.

Slots Classes
2 Thief, Warrior
3 Knight, Paladin, Rogue
4 Mage

Legionnaire, Royal Guard, Storm Knight, Scorcher, Wanderer

Centurion, Battlemaster

Mystic, Spellsword,

5 Archmage
6 Frost Mage, Warlock


Dragoon, Druid

Passives Edit

Passives are specific to individual classes and cannot be changed. Here is a list of current passives and what we know about them so far.

Passive Effect
HP Regen HP recovers more quickly
Mana Regen Mana recovers more quickly
HP Step Recover HP by moving
Mana Step Recover Mana by moving
Critical Hits Chance to critical hit more often
Gold Bonus You have a way of finding that extra coin
Beast Mode Your stats increase as you defeat monsters (Capped at +100 all stats)
Infamy Your stats increase as you defeat bosses (Capped at +100 all stats)

Attacks Edit

Warrior Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Charge Warrior Extra Damage 20 7
Lunge Warrior 50% Chance of Critical hit 25
Fire Strike Paladin Fire Attack 25 50
Ice Strike Paladin, Frost Mage Ice Attack 25 50
Lightning Strike Paladin, Storm Knight Lightning Attack 25 50
Earthstrike Paladin, RuneKnight Earth Attack 25
Holy Strike Paladin Holy Attack 35 60
Dark Strike Paladin Dark Attack 35 50
Osmostrike Paladin, RuneKnight Attack and Heal Self 40
Omnistrike Paladin, RuneKnight Attack Hard & Weaken Opponent 75 90
BlightStrike Dragoon Blight 75
Vengeance Dragoon Deals damage according to the amount of players one has recently conquered (in last hour) 50

Thief Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Bleed Thief Extra Damage, 50% chance of critical hit, chance to cause bleed 15 5
Slash Thief Extra Damage, bleeding 10
Double Cut Rogue Variable, up to double damage 15 75
Tri-Cut Rogue Variable, up to triple damage 25 110
Fire Arrow Rogue Fire Attack, 25% Chance to Burn Enemy 25
Ice Arrow Rogue Ice Attack, 25% Chance to Freeze Enemy 25
Poisonstrike Rogue Attack, Chance to Poison Enemy 30

Mages do not learn attacks.

Magic Edit

Warrior Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Dragon's Breath Dragoon Fire Damage, Blight 90
Flare Dragoon Dragon Magic 80
Flare II Dragoon Greater Unstable Dragon Magic 80 130

Mage Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Bolt Mage Light Non-Elemental Damage 5
Flame Mage, Scorcher Light Fire Damage 5 1
Frost Mage, Frost Mage Light Ice Damage 10 5
Spark Mage, Storm Knight Light Lightning Damage 10 10
Tremor Mage Light Earthen Damage 10
Drain Archmage Non-Elemental Damage, Drains Enemy HP 50 40
Flame II Mage, Scorcher Moderate Fire Damage 40 30
Frost II Mage, Frost Mage Moderate Ice Damage 40 30
Spark II Mage, Storm Knight Moderate Lightning Damage 40 40
Quake Mage, Legionnaire Moderate Earthen Damage 50
Meteor Archmage, Scorcher Great Fire Damage 75
Blizzard Archmage, Frost Mage Great Ice Damage 75 55
Storm Archmage, Storm Knight Great Lightning Damage 75 60
Quake II Archmage, Legionnaire Great Earthen Damage 75 50
Inferno Sorcerer Variable Fire Damage 90
Glacier Sorcerer Variable Ice Damage 90 105
Fulmination Sorcerer Variable Lightning Damage 90 110
Cataclysm Sorcerer Variable Earthen Damage 90
Holy Sorcerer Holy Damage 90
Nightmare Sorcerer Dark Damage 90
Wyvern's Wrath Druid Summons a Wyvern to Attack, may cause Blight 30

Thieves do not learn magic.

Buffs Edit

Warrior Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Warcry Warrior Boosts Attack 30
Protection Knight Boosts Physical Defense 30
Heal Legionnare Recovers 100 HP 25
Great Heal Legionnare Recovers 200 HP 25 50
Wyvern Speed Dragoon Improves Dex and Magic Power 60

Mage Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Magic Shield Archmage Increase Magic Defense 30
Protection Archmage, Storm Knight, Royal Guard Boosts Physical Defense 30
Protection II Centurion, Druid Greatly Boosts Physical Defense 50
Magic Boost Archmage Boosts Magic Attack 30
Magic Shield II Sorcerer Increase Magic Defense 50
Barrier Centurion Boosts Physical and Magic Defense 60
Mimic's Mischief Druid Summons Mimic 60
Bear's Might Druid Boosts Attack Power/Lowers Defense 60
Golem's Fortitude Druid Boost Physical Defense/ Lower Attack and Magic Def 60
Jinn's Talent Druid Boosts Magic Power/lowers defenses 60

Thief Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
First Aid Thief Recovers 100 HP 25
Speed Rogue Boosts Dexterity 40 75
Battle Dance Battlemaster 25% chance per stat to boost a stat 50 90

Debuffs Edit

Warrior Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Threaten Knight, Storm Knight, Royal Guard Decreases Enemy Attack 30
Shock Storm Knight Paralyzes Enemy 60 40

Mage Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Mute Archmage Decreases Enemy Attack Power 30 40
Outwill Sorcerer Decreases Enemy Defense 50
Freeze Frost Mage Freezes an Enemy 40 25

Thief Edit

Skill Class Effect Mana Cost Level Learned
Smoke Bomb Thief 90% chance to blind the enemy, making them more likely to miss attacks 25 30
Exploit Rogue Decrease Enemy Physical Defense 30
Poison Thief 90% chance to poison the enemy, 5% max HP damage per turn 25
Sleep Dart Rogue 90% chance to put an enemy to sleep 50 100
Stun Dart Rogue 90% chance to stun an enemy 50 90
Burn Scorcher Burns an enemy 20