Entering Arena Edit


In the bottom left-hand corner of the overworld screen you will see two crossing swords. If you click on this icon, you will have the options of Leave or Battle. If you attempt to battle, you have a chance of finding an opponent. Opponents are usually slightly above or below you in rank. If no one is available, you will be alerted and can try again later.

Battling in the Arena Edit

When you enter an Arena battle, you will be at full health and mana. Your character will not reflect any damage taken or mana spent when the battle is complete. This makes Arena possible without a need to heal before or after. You will not be able to Run or use Items. The opponents you fight in the arena are actual players in the game, controlled by the game's AI. You will always attack first. When your opponent is defeated or defeats you, the battle is over. You receive EXP, Orn, and gold for winning the battle. Buffs may impact the EXP and Orn gained, but the gold represents a percentage stolen from your opponent's total. It is possible for your own gold to be stolen this way as well if you are defeated in the arena, which is why Keeps were created to store gold.

Dukedoms Edit

Another way to enter PvP is to challenge players for control of their dukedom.