When you first start playing Orna, it can be very overwhelming. Below is a brief introduction to the game and helpful instructions on how to get started.

Overworld Edit

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When you first turn on the game you will see a screen that looks very similar to this one. There are monsters, buildings, and a map of your current area. There are several other things happening on this screen as well.

Picture Info
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In the upper right hand corner of the screen is an icon that shows you what current Dukedom you are in. This is also where you access the Traveler menu to invite Party members.
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In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will see an icon that will trigger arena battles.
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In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you see an icon that bring up items that can be used in the Overworld.
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To the right of the PvP button you will see you current level along with a bar letting you know how much further you have to go to get to the next level.
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To the left of the items icon you will see your Health and Mana. Health is in red and Mana is blue. If you health or mana gets low you will need to use potions to refill it.
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The icon in the bottom center lead to the character screen, where you can learn about your character and change class as well.

Character Screen Edit

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Information Screen Edit

This screen will provide you with your character name, faction, current gold and orn count, and your current class' Passive Skills. Gold and Orn are used throughout the game to make purchases. It will also let you know how much XP you need to get to the next level, how much health you have, how much mana you have, and your stats. Your stats break down as Attack (physical), Defense (physical), Dexterity (dodge ability) Magic (Magic Attack), and Magic Defense. When you purchase a Pet, their information can be found all the way on the bottom of this screen as well.

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Customize Screen Edit

If you click on Customize, then it will bring up a list of purchasable classes. These classes are all bought with Orn earned in the game. You can also choose between male or female classes(they are the same thing just different sprites)

Orn Shop Edit

Orn Shop Info
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Item Shop: Sell Occult candle, EXP potion, and a Mysterious Treasure Chest.

The candle attracts more Enemies, EXP potion doubles you XP for an hour, and the Mysterious Treasure Chest can give a variety of useful items.

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Buldings: You can buy the Keep, Shop, Bestiary, and Blackmith here for Orns.
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Specialization Classes: These are purchased with real money.
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Coffee: Buy and receive a "coffee" for the developer and help support Orna.

Clock Screen Edit

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This screen provides you with your rank, reputation, how many monsters you have beaten, how many bosses you have defeated, different weapons and armor collected, how many PvP battles you won, and how far a distance you have traveled. One the very bottom is a link to the Leaderboard which shows you the top 100 players in the world.

How Players are Ranked on the Leaderboard Edit

The way players are ranked is based on Player Level, Reputation(Dukudoms Owned), and PvP Battles won in the last week. Level is weighted 10x more than the other two categories.

Achievements Edit

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This page shows you your progress towards completing a list of achievements. Each achievement has 5 tiers and rewards you with a set number of Orns.

Inventory Edit

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On the top of the Character Screen you will see four options: Status, Inventory, Equipment, and Options. The second one, Inventory, will show you a list of items and gear that you currently possess. If you click on the item or gear it will give you information about that item or gear. For items it will allow you to discard or use that item.
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On a piece of gear's individual screen, it will allow you to discard, lock (preventing you from selling it), or dismantle the gear. Almost all the gear can be dismantled for materials.

Equipment Edit

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This screen allows you to equip both your gear and skills. To equip the gear simply click on the box and chose the gear you wish to equip. Equippable gear is restricted by class. To equip skills, click on the the box and chose from a list of skills. Once a skill is learned, any class you have can use that skill.

Options Edit

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The options menu will allow you to turn on or off the sound, receive notifications, disable animations, put the game in Dark mode, and see the monster levels on the overworld map. From this screen, you can also contact the developer for feedback. You can sign out further down on the page.

Message Log and Announcements Edit

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In the upper right hand corner of any of the character screens you will see a small scroll icon. Clicking on that scroll icon will bring up the Message Log and the Announcements. The Message log will let you know when your gear is finished upgrading at the Blacksmith or if you have been defeated in PvP.

Battling Edit

Back in the overworld map, we can see a number of monsters. In order to battle a monster simply click on the monster you wish to battle.

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This screen will appear showing you the name, level, and tier of the monster. Also not that you can see the monsters health. If you die fighting a monster, their health will remain at the the same amount it was when you died. This is the same if you run during battle. On the bottom you will see "Leave" and "Battle". Leave returns you to the Overworld, and Battle will engage you in battle.

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How to Battle Edit

There are six icons that can be used in battle are found at the bottom of the battle screen. The character on the left is you, the one on the right is your enemy. If you have a pet, he will stand behind you, and the same is true if your enemy has a pet.

Icon Info
Skill This will bring up a list of your skills. Skills vary from attacks, magic, buffs, and de-buffs. Also different classes have a different number of skills they can use varying from 2-6 skills at once. Using a skill will cost a set amount of Mana. If you do not have enough mana, you cannot use the skill.
Item This will bring up a list of items that can be used in battle. Some items can only be used in battle. i.e. Attack Tonic, Defense potion, etc.
Run This makes you run from battle. There is a 5 minute cooldown until you can battle the monster again.
Attack This is a Physical attack. It doesn't cost any mana.
Auto It uses the light AI engine to figure out the "best" buffs/debuffs first, then highest damage spell
Guts This has a chance to do a higher damage attack, but it also has a higher chance of missing. All non-mage classes can use this skill.