In order to make you gear stronger, it need to be taken to the Blacksmith and forged into a stronger weapon. The Blacksmith requires gold, orn, materials, and time. Each time you take the gear to the Blacksmith it will get stronger.  

How to Upgrade Your Gear Edit

In order to upgrade your gear you will need to visit a blacksmith and click on the corresponding Gear. The Gear will cost Gold, Orn, Materials(which are unique to each type of gear), and time. When the gear is ready you will get an in-game message that it is ready to pick up. Visit any blacksmith to pick up your gear again. Here is a chart of the time table for upgrading.

Level Time Materials Needed
2 1 hour 3
3 2 hours 6
4 3 hours 9
5 6 hours 12
6 12 hours 15
7 1 day 18
8 1 day 21
9 2 days 24
10 3 days 27

Gear Upgrading CalculatorEdit

Use this link to figure out a pretty close estimate of what you gear will be at each level. Props to Vuso on the Discord for making this calculator.