Dukedoms are areas of land across the Overworld that can be claimed by players. A player's reputation is increased by claiming a dukedom, which factors into rank.

Blue crest

If a dukedom has a blue crest, it is unclaimed. A player can claim a dukedom by tapping "Claim Area" in the Area menu. Sometimes it is possible to view and claim nearby dukedoms as well, if your current location is on the area border. If a dukedom is claimed, the controlling player's portrait replaces this blue crest.

Benefits Edit

Playing within a dukedom you control will grant you a buff that increases your stats by 5%.

Playing within the dukedom set as your origin town will grant you a buff that increases your stats by 10%.

Each Dukedom has a specific "reward". It can be Gold, Orns, Weapons, or Materials. Each night you will receive the reward for the Dukedoms that YOU traveled to THAT DAY. Some of the rewards are given daily, some weekly, and some monthly. Also if you have a Keep, you will receive an additional 100,000 Gold and 100 Orns.

How to Claim a Dukedom Edit

Players can challenge other Dukes for their territory through PvP combat. As of 1.14.0, dukedoms have a set amount of health. If the challenger wins in one attempt, they immediately gain control of the dukedom. If the challenger loses, they must wait an hour before they can challenge again. This allows low-level players to whittle away high-level player's dukedoms over time. The health of a dukedom is refilled if the controlling duke visits their territory. There is currently no limit to the number of dukedoms players are allowed to control.

Losing Dukedoms Edit

When another player challenges to claim a dukedom and wins, the previous Duke will be alerted of the player's name, the name of the dukedom, map coordinates, cardinal direction, and approximate distance from their current location. Dukedoms can be stolen back and forth indefinitely between players. A history of your lost dukedoms can be found in the message log.