After a monster is defeated, it may drop a variety of items. All monster can drop gold, Orn, health potions, mana potions and elixirs of various sizes, but some also drop materials, gear, or items. Below is a list of known monster drops. Almost any item has the possibility of being dropped by a Mimic or Greater Mimic monster. This is a work in progress so it will continue to be updated as we discover more information. Italic monster names indicate Boss monsters.

Weapons Edit

Swords Edit

Name Monsters
Bearclaw Bear Great Bear
Blood Sword
Deathbringer Ankou
Demonic Blade Demon Knight Darkest Demon
Draconian Sword Draconian Draconian Rogue
Dragon Sword Drake Dragon Greater Wyvern
Elven Katana Dark Elf Rogue
Elven Sword Dark Elf Rogue Dark Elf
Fallen Warrior Sword Fallen Warrior
Fog Blade Slaugh
Fomorian Blade Fomorian Warrior
Great Sword Great Wolf Lord
Lizarr Blade Lizarr Noble
Masamune Ronin
Rusty Sword Skeleton
Short Sword Goblin Warrior
The Scorcher Scorcher
Vampire Blade Vampire Lord

Daggers Edit

Name Monsters
Blue Dagger Blue Flame
Dagger Goblin
Dragon Dagger Dragon
Fallen Thief's Dagger Fallen Thief
Fomorian Dagger Fomorian Rogue
Red Dagger Flame
Silver Dagger
Balor Dagger Cerberus

Axes, Hammers, and Pikes Edit

Name Monsters
Arisen Minotaur Axe Arisen Minotaur
Axe Barbarian
Axe of Night Demon Prince
Axe of Tiamat Tiamat
Battle Axe
Bolt Storm Knight
Bonecrusher Undead Golem
Earthen Pike Legionnare
Fallen Knight's Axe Fallen Knight
Iron Hammer
Minotaur Axe Minotaur
Might Orthrus
Morning Star
Mythril Axe
Orcish Axe Orc

Orc Marauder


Staves Edit

Name Monsters
Adamantine Staff Adamantine Knight
Arisen Draconian Archstaff Arisen Draconian Lord
Black Witch Staff Carmen
Crucifix of Holy
Dark Staff Darkest Demon
Draconian ArchStaff Draconian Lord
Draconian Staff Draconian Mage
Elven Staff Dark Elf Mage
Fallen ArchStaff Fallen Archmage
Fallen Mage's Staff Fallen Mage
Fallen Mystic's Staff Draconian Mystic
Gazing Staff Great Gazer
Glacial Staff Frost Mage
Great Staff
Great Jinn Staff Greater Jinn
Jinn's Staff Jinn
Lich's Staff Lich
Rune Staff Living Armor
Staff Goblin Mage
Staff of Tiamat Tiamat
Staff Of Wolves
Storm Sceptre
Wooden Staff Walking Wood

Wands Edit

Name Monsters
Blue Wand Blue Flame
Draconian Sceptre
Earther Sceptre
Ruby Wand Blue Flame, Flame

Bows Edit

Name Monsters
Bow Goblin
Bow of Scales Lizard King
Bow of Tiamat Tiamat
Batwing Bow Camazotz
Draconian Bow Draconian Rogue
Fallen Rogue's Bow Fallen Rogue
Fomorian Bow Fomorian Rogue
Mythril Bow

Armor Edit

Robes Edit

Name Monsters
Ancient Robe Lich
Count's Garment Vampire Greater Vampire
Dark Mage Robe Dark Mage Reaper
Dark Elf Robe Dark Elf Dark Elf Mage
Dingy Robe
Draconian Robe Draconian Mage
Fomorian Robe Fomorian Mage
Reaper's Robe Ankou
Robe of Wolves Grey Wolfman
Simple Robe Goblin Mage
Wyvern Robe Tiamat Sea Wyvern

Armor Edit

Name Monsters
Adamantine Armor Adamantine Knight
Bearskin Bear
Dark Garb Dark Elf Rogue Dark Elf Mage
Draconian Armor Draconian
Drake Armor Wyvern Dragon
Formorian Armor Formorian Warrior
Fur Coat Hellhound
Goblin Armor Goblin Goblin Warrior
Hard Leather Armor
Hobgoblin Armor Hobgoblin
Iron Armor
Leather Jacket Skeleton
Lizzar Armor
Mythril Armor Mythril Knight
Rune Armor Living Armor
Snakeskin Armor Greater Snake
Wyvern Chesplate Wyvern Tiamat
Wyvern Armor Tiamat

Helmets Edit

Name Monsters
Adamantine Helmet Adamantine Knight
Drake Helmet Drake Dragon Wyvern
Iron Helmet Barbarian
Leather Hat Skeleton
Mythril Hat Mythril Knight
Rune Helmet Living Armor
Wyvern Helmet Wyvern Tiamat

Hoods Edit

Name Monsters
Ancient Hood Lich
Count's Hood Vampire Greater Vampire
Dark Mage Hood Dark Mage
Dark Elf Cowl Dark Elf Dark Elf Rogue
Dark Elf Hood Dark Elf Mage Dark Elf
Draconian Hood Draconian Mage
Fomorian Hood Fomorian Mage
Hood Goblin Mage
Hood of Wolves Grey Wolfman
Snakeskin Cowl Greater Snake
Witch's Hat Carmen
Wyvern Cowl Sea Wyvern

Boots Edit

Name Monster
Ancient Boots Lich
Boots of Wolves Grey Wolfman
Draconian Boots Draconian Rogue
Drake Boots Drake Wyvern Dragon
Fomorian Boots Fomorian Rogue
Goblin Boots Goblin Goblin Warrior
Hard Leather Boots Skeleton Warrior
Heavy Boots
Hobgoblin Boots Hobgoblin
Leather Boots Skeleton
Lizarr Boots Lizarr Warrior
Wyvern Mage's Boots

Leggings Edit

Name Monsters
Adamantine Leggings Adamantine Knight
Chainmail Leggings
Draconian Leggings Draconian
Drake Leggings Dragon Drake Wyvern
Fomorian Leggings Fomorian Rogue
Lizarr Leggings Lizarr Lord
Mythril Leggings Mythril Knight
Rune Leggings Living Armor
Wyvern Leggings Wyvern Tiamat

Accessories Edit

Name Monster
Blue Crystal Blue Flame
Blue Gem Blue Flame
Crystal Eye Gazer Evil Eye Evil Eyes
Enchanted Skull Undead Golem
Great Monster Tome Fomorian Mage
Green Crystal Gazer
Green Gem Gazer
Iron Amulet
Iron Ring
Leather Belt
Mage's Ring Lich
Monster Tome Draconian Mage
Mythril Amulet
Mythril Ring
Platinum Amulet
Red Crystal Blue Flame
Red Gem Blue Flame Flame Vampire
Silver Amulet
Steel Belt
Steel Ring
Troll Charm Troll
Warrior's Ring Ushi-Oni

Consumables Edit

Items Edit

Almost all enemies have the ability to drop health potions, mana potions, and elixirs of all sizes. Almost all bosses can drop Lucky Coin, Lucky Silver Coin, and EXP potions.

Name Monsters
Antidote Green Slime

Materials Edit

Name Monsters
Adamantine Adamantine Knight
Bone Bear Skeleton
Cavestone Camazotz
Darkstone Dark Slime Ankou Imp
Demonic Ore Demon Knight
Draconite Draconian Draconian Rogue Draconian Warrior Draconian Mage
Dragonite Dragon Drake Wyvern
Earthstone Walking Wood Legionnaire
Elstone Dark Elf Dark Elf Mage Dark Elf Rogue
Eyestone Great Gazer
Firestone Scorcher Flame
Fogstone Slaugh
Hardened Steel Minotaur
Hide Harpy Crow Cyclops, Greater Cyclops HellHound Greater Troll
Iron Goblin Warrior Draconian
Leather Ushi-Oni Greater Ushi-Oni Snake Grey Wolfman Wolfman Warrior
Lightningstone Gazer Storm Knight
Mythril Mythril Knight
Nightstone Ronin
Perfect Runestone Greater Jinn
Platinum Metal Golem
Pure Darkstone Ankou
Pure Draconite Draconian Lord
Runestone Living Armor
Silver Vampire Greater Vampire Wolfman Warrior Grey Wolfman
Steel Metal Golem
Stone Golem
Undead Bone Undead Golem
Vampiric Ore Vampire Lord
Waterstone Frost Mage Gull Jelly Lizarr Warrior/Lord
Witchstone Carmen
Wolf's Blood Wolf Lord
Wood Walking Wood Sprout